This is my new weblog, before it was my late husband’s site (Alm.Yon Inf. Hotman) He was interested to build positive character of Indonesian next generation. In his life day by day was full of our discussion about his dream of Indonesia, about standing side by side among other nations, became part of this world, actively participated. He went to another country, made friends everywhere and dreams some day a lot of Indonesian, especially the young one participated just like he was to learn, to teach, and to become brother or sisters to anyone with different countries.

I’ll try to continue what was he started before. Two years after his death and finally just now I got the courage to start writing about this. Hopefully, I can regularly write something about his dream and also our dream together. I am a lecturer in University of Sumatera Utara in Medan. I teach young people about Psychology. I think a lot of my studies are relevant with this site. I hope I will post about Psychology and Politics, Thank you.

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